Ms. Marvel Vol 4: End of Days

Author: G. Willow Wilson
Published: 2015

Ok, I’ve gone back to reading quick books because I feel like I’m behind schedule with my reading goal. The yearly goal is 80 books, but I need to read a minimum of seven books each month to ensure I meet my goal on time. Reading Ms. Marvel not only helps to get to my goal, but it’s also a great guilty pleasure!

Growing up, comic books and graphic novels were never on my radar. Sure, I was familiar with them but I was much more likely to read James Clavell’s Asian Saga, otherwise known as the Shogun series. Yes, I read these book between grades seven and ten, and was told many times by teachers to stop reading. I hated doing homework, so consequently my grades suffered even though I received top marks for ‘reading’. I’m pretty sure that if I had found a comic series that I truly enjoyed I would have devoted all my time to reading and most likely would have failed middle school.

Ms. Marvel is finally delving more into Kamala’s thoughts and the stress she faces being a teenager, a daughter, a friend, and a superhero. It’s sad that we have to revert to the same trope of END-OF-THE-WORLD to figure out who we are as a person, and the people in our lives who mean the most to us. We as readers and human beings have all faced something similar in terms of stress and thinking that we won’t be able to face or escape the daunting tasks that loom before us. While this volume doesn’t conclude, the fact that Kamala is now beginning to realize that it’s ok to rely on family support and that other’s in her universe do recognize the hard work she’s doing, is heartening. It’s a great mechanism to use for people that are struggling and to know that help is always available.

IMG_2383For this book, I drank my favourite black tea – Cocoa Mint. This one smells and tastes exactly like a thin mint chocolate wafer. It’s the perfect chocolate treat without the sugar. The last Ms. Marvel I read I drank a tea blend that spoke to Kamala’s Pakistani heritage. This time around I wanted something that felt good and would wake up my senses, especially scenes involving the reappearance of her ex-boyfriend. The Cocoa Mint has a way of calming and grounding the drinker/reader regardless of the scenes in the book. And even though it’s a black tea, it doesn’t have a bitter or astringent taste to it commonly associated with this flavour. The chocolate flavour also adds excitement to the scenes when Captain Marvel makes an appearance, and while I empathized with Kamala being awe-struck in the moment, the chocolate flavour allows for an easy transition from surprise to delighted.

Tea Consumed – Cocoa Mint by Steeped Tea

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