the princess saves herself in this one

Author: amanda lovelace
Published: 2017

A collection of poetry. I don’t read poetry but I was feeling like any other book genre available would not help the storm I’ve been experiencing lately, and the title was screaming at me to pick it up. Also, I’m behind schedule for the yearly Goodreads challenge so reading a short collection of poetry helps attain the goal.

lovelace (no capitals, because that’s her her preference) starts the book off with a trigger warning identifying the various themes and concepts that are explored in the book from child-abuse, to self-harm, to sexual-assualt, to bullying, to trauma and death, among other concepts. The book is not to be taken lightly, but at the same time practicing self-care before, during, and after reading is important to help with the healing, which is always ongoing.

Knowing about the potential trigger warnings, the self-care I initiated was a deliberate choice of tea flavour – Peaches and Cream. While this tea is labelled as a white tea, it has the slight acidic mouthfeel commonly associated with green teas. The peach flavour is mild to almost non-existent, which is part of the reason why I chose it for this book. All the other tea flavours in my pantry are strong, over-powering taste and aroma and I needed to sit in the pain, anger, and frustration I’m currently experiencing to fully work through things in a timely and appropriate manner. Also, lots of chocolate for other self-care needs was helpful.

This collection is short and can be finished in one sitting. It was rainy and cold while reading this book, and the tea wasn’t a hot, warming flavour but pairing it with an 80% Brazilian dark chocolate bean to bar creation was superb. The chocolate has fruity overtones which are smooth and full-bodied and have the effect of calming the slight acidic taste of the tea. It’s a helpful way of reminding oneself that, yes, there is anger, pain, and frustration, but there are ways to help soothe the feelings and move from a negative state into a positive state.

There is no aroma to the time, and the taste is over and done with in an instant. Much like ripping a bandaid off, you know you’ve experienced something but you quickly recover and move onto other things. The chocolate on the other hand, has a lingering mouthfeel and after-taste that reminds you that it’s still there and it’s alright to feel feelings.

i have
so much love
to give,
but no one
ever wants
a cup overfilled.

Hit me right in the gut, so I was thankful for the deliberate choice of mild flavoured tea. Anything stronger and it would have overpowered the emotions I’m was experiencing.  Be kind to yourself when you read this book, and if you need to drink something neutral like water (or nothing at all), that’s ok. You’re still a good person regardless of what you choose to drink, or not drink, while reading this book.


Tea and Chocolate selections

  • Peaches and Cream – White Tea, Steeped Tea
  • Brazilian 80% dark chocolate – Choklat