A selection of recent books I’ve read

IMG_2868The Tea Book
Author: Linda Gaylard
Date Published: 2015

Well this one I definitely consumed copious cups of tea! I can’t remember which ones because it’s been a while since I read the book. Seriously the best book to read while drinking tea because it’s divided into tea-growing regions and Gaylard, as a tea sommelier, tells you exactly how teas from the various regions should smell, taste, and behave on your palate. There are also recipes!! I need to do some shopping, as my tea pantry is dangerously low stocked.

Teas Consumed: many flavours, none of which Gaylard mentions in the book.

Author: Danielle Town
Date Published: 2018

I’m not much for financial books or economics, but I thought I would give this one a try because I attended her father, Phil Town’s, three-day workshop back in February 2018. Phil made investing sound simple and easy, but I got lost on the math. I wanted to get a different perspective on his strategy, and Danielle simplified many of the financial terms and numbers. I’m still dyslexic when it comes to 3’s and 5’s, so I won’t be rushing out anytime soon to invest my money, but it’s nice to have a reference book kicking around that I can understand. I mostly read this book right before bed, so little to no tea consumed for this book.

IMG_2869Come As You Are
Author: Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.
Date Published: 2015

I read very eclectic books, such as one’s about women’s health. I seriously thought about writing a blog solely for this book and after keeping notes and starting a rough draft, I decided to chuck the entire post. There’s too much in the book that I relate to personally but this blog is not about my personal/private life, it’s about tea and books. I encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to read this book as Nagoski breaks down the science of female orgasm, what to expect with it, what to do to get to it, and to accept that for some people it ok if it doesn’t happen. It’s also a book that should be taught in secondary school sex ed classes because it dispels that a physical reaction to sexual stimulation implies that the person wants sex. Social media has put a lot of pressure on people to react in certain ways to sex, and also encourages harmful, violent relationships towards sex, so making this book standard reading in sex ed classes would start the conversation that is desperately needed towards more consensual-based relationships.

Tea to consume: you’re favourite one that brings comfort and peace – for me that is the Cinnamon Hearts Pur’eh by Steeped Tea.

IMG_2866Tasting Beer
Author: Randy Mosher
Date Published: 2017 (paperback)

Of course a title like this one means that the only thing I should be drinking is beer – and I did, to some extent – but I still had many cups of tea with this book. If you’ve been following my reading goals on Goodreads, you’ll see that I’ve read a fair number of beer-related books since January. That’s because I’ve been accepted to a Brew Master and Brewery Operations program for September 2018 and I want to get as much knowledge under my belt before hitting the classroom. Look for more beer books in the future!

Teas consumed: yes, but I don’t recall which ones. Beer consumed: Of course! Mostly German weisse beers and local craft breweries’ pale ales.

IMG_2867The President’s Garden
Author: Mushin Al-Ramli
Date Published: 2018

I just finished this book last night. I’m still thinking about it, and all I can say is that I’m confused by it. It’s translated from Arabic, and I don’t know if the translation was garbled or if the book was written in a certain way, but I feel like important information is missing. Along the lines of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, many characters are introduced throughout the book, and they all intersect somehow with each other. The book also feels unfinished, which may be why I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the concepts presented.

Teas consumed: Turmeric n’ Spice from Steeped Tea, amongst others.


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