I read a lot of books. I also drink a lot of tea. This blog is bringing together my two great pleasures and taking you on a journey of the experiences I have with them.

I have never been satisfied with previous blogs about books and tea. I find that the authors are randomly picking tea’s that they think will complement a book without actually trying the tea while reading the book! This blog will do just that – marry the books and the tea together with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I experience while reading and drinking.


You will be the first to know how I feel about some books, whether they’re newly published or have been relegated to the dark, dusty shelves of forgotten archives. And I will share with you my favourite tea flavours, hot and cold, customized to my liking. The following posts are my experiences with the books and the tea. Sometimes I’ll get it right and find the perfect complement to a book. Other times I may miss the mark completely, but what I’m setting out to do is to bring a new experience to the idea of what we read influences what we drink.

You may not agree with my suggestions, and that’s ok! You may not like the book and tea pairings I choose. You may not even like tea, and you may disagree with some of the comments I post about the books. But at the end of the day, if I’ve encouraged you to read something out of your comfort zone or to try a new flavour of tea, then I’ve met my goal.