A bold, fully oxidized leaf, black tea is the most popular tea in the Western World. Almost all tea contains caffeine but the length of time you brew your tea will determines the amount of caffeine you consume. My grandmother likes her Red Rose tea brewed very weak, while others in my family prefer a stronger brew. Maybe they need the caffeine more than she does? For me, I’m not particularly concerned about the amount of caffeine in my tea. I usually brew my tea between 2-5 minutes and I sleep perfectly well at night.

  • Turmeric ‘n Spice – Steeped Tea. Spicy black tea full of caffeine. If brewed too long, it leaves a bitter aftertaste.
  • Bluest Blueberry – Steeped Tea. Mix this with other fruit-flavoured tea and allow to steep for a few hours in cold water, and you have a refreshing summer drink. Great to use for shortbread cookies as well.