I admit it – I judge books by their covers. Sometimes by their titles. I have found some true gems by judging books by their covers (The Wildings, by Nilanjana Roy), and I have found some truly atrocious books by my standards (John Dies at the End, by David Wong).


I read everything from fiction, to fantasy, to young adult, to biography, to cook books, and everything in between. If you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll also see that I read a lot of academic books as well. On top of reading for pleasure, I read for my graduate and continuing education studies. And I do count those books as part of my yearly Goodreads challenge.

I have continually exceeded my Goodreads book challenge, and for the upcoming year I expect to do the same. There are some big changes on the horizon for me though, so while I maintain that I will be able to meet my yearly goal I recognize that it might not happen this year. I try to set a goal higher than the year before and this upcoming year is no exception. This blog will track some of the books that I will be reading to meet my Goodreads goal, but not all. For a complete list of books that I’ve read, or would like to read, please follow me on Goodreads.