I am very partial to tea. I drink it hot and cold. I brew it strong and weak. I like all flavours and varieties. I have had some really horrible, bitter-tasting tea’s, and I have had some truly delightful, taste-bud altering tea’s. This page will highlight the teas that I drink, whether it’s my go-to Cinnamon Heart Pu’erh, or it’s a green tea version of an Earl Grey.

IMG_2176I am a devote fan of the company Steeped Tea out of Ontario, Canada, so the majority of the flavours that I am highlighting here are from their catalogue. I need to say up front that I am not a consultant or a sales rep for Steeped Tea. I am in no way affiliated with the company except as a customer. But I love their teas and I have never once had a bad flavour.

I have had some bad flavours throughout my lifetime. People buy me tea because of the name and the description, but no matter how you dress it up it’s still bitter and disgusting. I am not opposed to people buying me tea to sample, but if it’s not something I particularly enjoy it will sit on my kitchen shelf for far too long before it’s consumed again.

I also drink my tea in an unconventional way. I prefer the biggest coffee cup around! The best ones are big enough to wrap both hands around, especially on a cold wintry morning when your hands are cold. While I collect fancy tea cups and saucers, I much prefer drinking my tea out of big cups. At the moment, I have one go to favourite because I can wrap both hands around it. But I’ve been known to change my mind on occasion!

IMG_2191When I have finally decided on a flavour and steeped it for the appropriate length of
time, I rarely, if ever, add anything else. No milk. No sugar. No honey. Nothing to dilute the flavour of the tea leaves. Unless I am drinking a tea latte, I never add anything else to my cup of tea. This is a personal choice and you may disagree with me, and that’s ok. We can still be friends and bond over that pot of tea anyway. How you drink your tea is your choice.

So now that we’ve established who I am, why not steep a cup of your favourite tea. It doesn’t matter the variety or the flavour. Grab the book you’re reading. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit. Maybe the living room couch? And join me in this adventure of books and tea!